Fault Level Studies in a Low Voltage Distribution Network in the Presence of Small-Scale Distributed Generation

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Muhammad Ameer Ashraf bin Norhisham
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Nowadays, world is globally focus on the renewable energy policy. Thankfully, Malaysia has huge potential renewable energy resources in the form of biomass, solar and hydro. Since the Distributed Generation (DG) has become more popular globally, there are many of this units are connected into the network. With the modern invention of technology, there are many substitute sources to generate power such as solar photovoltaic (PV). This solar PV system can act as DG for the distribution network. However, the connection of DG into the utility distribution network might impact the traditional model of power flow and the short circuit capacity. Hence the power system study must be conducted to ensure the smooth network operation and reliability of this DG connection in the distribution network. This paper deals with analysing on how the fault level is affected by the penetration of small-scale DG. The actual distribution network grid of residential area is model and simulate in DIgSILENT-POWERFACTORY software. All the parameters and data of the network is obtained from the actual data. The comprehensive simulation results comparison is presented between the different scenarios of the connection of solar PV penetration level. The outcome is compared and validated to meet the objectives of this project
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Fault Level Studies Distributed Generation