A 9- and 13-Level Switched-Capacitor-Based Multilevel Inverter With Enhanced Self-Balanced Capacitor Voltage Capability

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Islam S.
Siddique M.D.
Iqbal A.
Mekhilef S.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Boost action is required for enhancing the output voltage of the sources such as photovoltaic (PV) sources, fuel cells, and battery storage devices, which eliminates the need for additional units. For this purpose, switched-capacitor (SC)-based multilevel inverters (SC-MLIs) are widely used. The proposed SC-based single-phase MLI is able to produce 13-level output ac voltage and furnishes voltage gains of 3 and 6. The same topology is also able to produce a single-phase nine-level ac output with a voltage gain of 4. The abovementioned voltage levels and voltage gains are achieved using the proposed topology just by modifying the switching strategy used for firing the switches and do not require any modification in the proposed SC-MLI structure. The proposed configuration of single-phase MLI requires less switch count to produce 9- and 13-level ac output voltages with the abovementioned voltage gains. The switches connected in the proposed configuration undergo less voltage stress compared to the MLIs suggested in the literature. The comparison of the proposed converter topology with the existing MLIs reported in the literature is included. The validation of the performance of the proposed inverter is carried out using experimental results captured on a low-power laboratory prototype. � 2021 IEEE.
Electric inverters; Fuel cells; Topology; Virtual storage; Boost capability; Inverter; Multi Level Inverter (MLI); Reduced switch; Reduced switch count; Single phasis; Switch counts; Switched capacitor; Voltage gain; Voltage stress; Semiconductor diodes