Occupational safety and health awareness among postgraduate students at institution of higher learning a case of private university

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Yunus Tariq Obaidullah Al Hindi
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Safety is a MUST for all the workers in the engineering fields. The most concern parts for the safety when the workers involve in the high risk tasks such as welding, electrical wiring for high current or voltage and the tall building construction as well as the bridge construction. In the case study, many companies hire postgraduates to do the design, however due to fresh graduate, they do not have experience and always ignore the safety issues. For instance, the road design engineers in Malaysia never consider the flooding and hence they ignore the rainfall analysis as well as the water management system. In this project, a case study is performed to investigate the safety awareness and health issues in the company. The project will take about 50 samples from the survey and analyze the data collected. At the end of the project, a conclusion will highlight why the people in the working environment ignore the safety and health.
T55.Y86 2015
Occupational health , Safety management