To investigate the potential of EFB fiber using acid pre - treatment method to exhance the biogas

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Suguhanthan Nair
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In recent years, the race to explore petroleum has increased tremendously. This is due to the increase in demand for oil and natural gas. Biogas is an alternative resource that can be put to a good use if proper research made on the particular field of studies. The byproduct from the palm oil mill such as EFB Fiber, POME, and Palm Oil Decanter Cake can be used as a feedstock for the biogas production. Hence, in this research the potential of EFB Fiber using acid pre-treatment will be investigated. Usually, conventional acid such as sulphuric acid, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid were used for any acidic pre-treatment but this research aims to eliminate the cost of acid for pre-treatment by replacing the conventional acid with POME. POME is the wastewater that was produced by palm oil milling process that needs appropriate treatment before disposal into any water streams owing to it’s extensive polluting properties but it has one properties that can be put to a good use which is due to it’s acidity. This acidic pH can be used to pre-treat the EFB Fiber just like using the conventional acid. Unfortunately, the pre-treatment carried out using POME requires more time to obtain the same result as the pre-treatment carried out using H2SO4. Next, temperature is an important aspect that needs to be observed. The EFB fiber pre-treated under controlled temperature gives out a more promising results compared to EFB Fiber pre-treated under room temperature.
Interim sem 2020 / 2021
EFB fiber , Pre - treatment