An Empirical Study of Public Health Practice Level During Pandemic Virus Case at Kl Public Transit Station

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Muhammad Hakim bin Khairuddin
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Public transport is one of the main transportations used by people to travel to one place to another. During the pandemic, some people are able to work from home, but some people have to go to the workplace. People needing to get back to work need to be able to rely on safe public transport. With higher transmission rates in crowded spaces, a busy bus or crammed subway carriage seems like a likely breeding ground for spreading the virus. Consequently, it is unsurprising that use of public transport worldwide has declined rapidly. Passenger communication is vital in ensuring that transportation settings can address the pandemic virus in a safe and transparent manner while maintaining public confidence in transportation services. Transport agencies are responsible for sharing all potentially valuable information and news, as well as conduct standards to reduce any travel-related risks. There will also be improvements and limits to the service. It is a situation that is continually evolving, needing a fast and simple way to deliver the very latest details to the public before they travel and during their trip. Thus, by understanding the level of public health practice for the passengers during pandemic virus can ensure the minimise of virus transmission. The survey was divided into three elements which are demographic issues, passengers’ level of awareness towards public health practice and impact of passengers’ level of awareness towards public health practice. In addition, the questionnaire was developed by key related features, which is the fiver-point Likert scale, where respondents were asked to rank or score the passengers’ level of awareness towards public health practice. From the analysis, it can be seen that convenience factor (cost saving) and comfort factor (vehicle cleanliness) shows P-value lesser than the significance alpha level of p = 0.05 in which the P-value obtained was 0.04763 and 0.0463. In other words, from 13 factors that were analyse using regression test, 2 factors were significant to the research.
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Pandemic Virus , Practice Level , Public Transit Station