Single Pile Capacity Analysis In Fined Grained Soil And Concrete Wastage Tracking Using Excel Sheet

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Yong Gia Bin
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The purpose of this research paper is to reduce the working load of the user who work in construction site to check the pile capacity and also the tracking system for concrete wastage with the use of Microsoft Excel file. The user will able to work on this excel sheet with go through a simple workshop. From this excel sheet, user can double check for the geotechnical pile capacity from the pile resistance analysis by using the correlation between Standard Penetration Test (SPT) value, undrained shear strength and also adhesion factor with the prove of actual soil investigation report. However, the result show in this research paper is based on a single bored file act on fine grained soil construction site. Thus, the discussion about the concrete progress chart which related with the concrete wastage is also shown in this paper. Some precaution steps and recommendation was given for reference purpose.
FYP 2 Sem 1 2019/2020
Pile Capacity , Concrete Wastage , Excel File