Effect of Fine Aggregate Replacement with Composite Plastic Bamboo Fibre into Fresh and Hardened Concrete

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Mohamed Shawky Sobhy Hemaid
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This paper provides an examination of composite bamboo plastic fibre in order to reduce the sand material to increase the tensile strength and compressive strength performance of composite bamboo fibre-reinforced concrete. A series of experiments have been carried out to accomplish this aim. The scale object of cement cube is 100 mm x 100 millimetres for compression cube and 150 millimetres x 300 millimetres for tensile cylinders with reinforced bamboo fibre reinforcing and various aggregate forms. Composite plastic Concrete was covered with concrete to make the surface rough. The fibres have been used for a total of 700 g (2 cm, 3cm and 4cm) in circumference. The fibre is processed and coated in cement, avoiding the amorphous impact of bamboo fibres by mixing with the concrete mixer. It raises the weight of this fabric. Bamboo fibre has been shown to minimise cracks and increase concrete strength and increase beam post-cracking and load bearing capacity. It has been demonstrated The fibre quantity influences workability and concrete consistency. The bamboo fibre may thus prevent cracks from developing and spreading.
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Composite Materials Usage