Design and development of afan powered by magnetic energy

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Lee Thong Sheng , Matthew
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Permanent magnets are used vast and widely in various ways, a permanent magnet is able to attract or repel when in a close contact with another magnet. Using these forces that a magnet can produce, the magnetic force will be a medium used to transmit the forces from one side to the table fan. The use of this technology can be used when the rod or shaft cannot be connected or something big is in the way and cannot be moved. The magnets do not need to touch each other, but to be close enough so that the magnets can attract or repel using the magnetic waves. When one side of the magnets rotate, it will attract the other side of magnets causing it to rotate in the same direction and therefore able to transmit the same forces acting on the initial rod. A prototype will be built to demonstrate the function in a manner that is easier to understand and observe.
Permanent magnets , Fan , Magnetic Energy