Design And Development Of An Energy Storage Using A High Efficiency Piezoelectric Windmill For Low Power Consuming Device

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Nurul Aida Binti Mohd Nordin
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A small-scale piezoelectric energy harvester for harvesting wind energy has been proposed. Horizontal-axis type traditional wind power generation has poor generating capacity at higher windspeeds. A piezoelectric windmill was designed and developed to address the weakness that can be optimized at low wind speeds. A piezoelectric power harvester with high efficiency in energy conversion is used in a small-scale windmill to generate the electricity. The repel magnetic force is created by installing the permanent magnet at the shaft rotor and tip of the piezoelectric plate. Thus, the deformation is created due to the repel force and the piezoelectric plate generate the electricity and stored in energy storage system. The generated electricity will be stored in 9V rechargeable battery via AC/DC converter. The maximum voltage output battery is 6.7mV in 3 hours at 1.95m/s speed of wind. This work will be beneficial for the piezoelectric energy harvesting technology to be applied to the real world such as electric supply to low power consuming devices.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Energy Harvesting , Piezoelectric , Energy Storage