Power management optimization of hybrid solar photovoltaic-battery integrated with pumped-hydro-storage system for standalone electricity generation

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Bhayo B.A.
Al-Kayiem H.H.
Gilani S.I.U.
Ismail F.B.
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This paper presents analysis and optimization of standalone hybrid renewable energy system for powering a 3.032 kWh/day housing unit. The hybrid system is strategized to utilize harvesting rainfall and integrating a pumped-hydro storage with a solar photovoltaic-battery system. The optimization, using particle swarm optimization technique, is conceived for minimizing the over sizing of components and secure reliable power supply management with objective function to minimize the levelized cost of energy for loss of power supply probability of 0.0. Four different cases have been optimized, analyzed and compared. Case 1 is a conventional photovoltaic-battery system, Case 2 is photovoltaic-battery integrated with hydro system utilizing only the direct rainfall, Case 3 is photovoltaic-battery integrated with pumped-hydro storage system with the battery bank as the primary power backup, and Case 4 is the photovoltaic-battery integrated with pumped-hydro storage system with hydro system as the primary power backup. Results are revealing that integration of rainfall-based hydropower system of only 100 W with effective water storage of 6.5 m3 at 7.0 m of net water head has resulted in reduction of the installed photovoltaic capacity by about 13.0% compared to power system without rainfall-based hydropower system. The highest hydropower share of 5.0% is observed in Case 4. Case 4 has also resulted in least levelized cost of energy of 0.443 $/kWh. It has been demonstrated that it is possible to achieve environmental appropriateness, reliable and low-cost power generation by integration of harvesting rainfall with photovoltaic-battery system. The suggested system has less dependency on the battery storage as the batteries are the most expensive part with short life span in the proposed integrated renewable systems. � 2020 Elsevier Ltd
Electric batteries; Electric power systems; Hybrid systems; Hydroelectric power; Particle swarm optimization (PSO); Power management; Rain; Solar concentrators; Electricity generation; Hybrid renewable energy systems; Hydro storage systems; Loss of power supply probability; Objective functions; Particle swarm optimization technique; Reliable power supply; Solar photovoltaics; Solar power generation