Proposed New Framework Scheme for Path Loss in Wireless Body Area Network

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Al-Barazanchi I.
Niu Y.
Abdulshaheed H.R.
Hashim W.
Alkahtani A.A.
Daghighi E.
Jaaz Z.A.
Shawkat S.A.
Rauf H.T.
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College of Education, Al-Iraqia University
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Recent technical developments in wi-fi networking, microelectronic integration and programming, sensors and the Internet have enabled us to create and enforce a range of new framework schemes to fulfil the necessities of healthcare-related wireless body area network (WBAN). WBAN sensors continually screen and measure patients' indispensable signs and symptoms, and relay them to scientific monitoring for diagnosis. WBAN has a range of applications, the most necessary of which is to help patients suffering diseases to stay alive. The quality instance is the coronary heart implant sensor, whose video display unit monitors coronary heart sign and continuously transmits it. This setup eliminates the need for patients to visit the medical doctor frequently. Instead, they can take a seat at home and acquire an analysis and prescription for the disease. Today, a sizable effort is being made to increase low-power sensors and gadgets for utility in WBAN. A new framework scheme that addresses route loss in WBAN and discusses its penalties in depth is endorsed in this paper. The new framework scheme is applied to three case scenarios to obtain parameters by measuring vital information about the human body. On-body and intrabody conversation simulations are conducted. On-body conversation findings show that the route loss between transmitter and receiver rises with growing distance and frequency. � 2022 College of Education, Al-Iraqia University. All Rights Reserved.