Study of Utilizing Peltier with Solar Panels to Increase Power Output of Partially Submerged

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Rita Regina a/p Arulanathan
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Solar cells turn the sunlight directly into energy without any moving parts. This energy conversion process is free of mechanical vibrations, noise, and emissions. Unfortunately, most of the solar irradiation consumed by the solar cell is not converted to electricity effectively. Only a small portion of it is converted into energy. Residual irradiation is dissipated as heat which causes losses in the solar cell's power output. In this study, a solar cell thermoelectric cooler device is proposed. This system is based on the integration of a thermoelectric module which operates under the back of the cell in Peltier mode the thermoelectric cooler, as a cooling system. In addition, another thermoelectric module that operates in Seebeck mode, the thermoelectric generator also becomes an important concept in the Peltier module. In this process, the thermoelectric cooler will cool the solar cell by absorbing heat from the solar cell and will transmit it to the other side of the Peltier which will generate additional power with Seebeck effect. The concepts can be proven by the development of a hardware. The experiment results show that the solar cell loses its power output while running at high temperature. The thermoelectric cooler helps to maintain ambient temperature, so that the cell achieves its full production of electricity. The thermoelectric generator module produces additional power and facilitates an increase of the device's power output, thereby increasing the solar cell 's global performance. This experiment is tested both day and night. The additional power produced by the thermoelectric generator can be used during the night when there is no energy from the solar cell. This hypothesis can only be achieved by creating a difference in temperature
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Peltier , Solar Panel , Power Output