Sintering characteristics of FeCuAl green compacts formed at elevated temperature

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Rahman M.M.
Zabri N.H.M.
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American Institute of Physics Inc.
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This paper presents the sintering characteristics of FeCuAl green compacts formed at elevated temperature and sintered at different temperature. Iron ASC 100.29, copper, and aluminum powders were blended mechanically in a low speed mixer. The blended powder mass was subsequently compacted at 150�C. The defect-free green compacts were then sintered at argon gas fired furnace at a heating/cooling rate of 10�C/minute by varying the sintering temperature. The alloyability of the sintered products were examined through XRD whereas the sintered samples were also characterized for their physical and mechanical properties and their microstructures were evaluated. The results revealed that all elements in the samples appeared and single face fcc Cu and bcc Fe (Al) solid solution were found. SEM micrographs revealed that high sintering temperature caused the reduction of pores and loss of grain boundaries in the sample. The metal elements also distributed uniformly. The combination of the iron, copper and aluminum green compacts sintered at 700�C for 90 minutes produced the best mechanical and physical properties. � 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.