Exploring the Roles of Agents and Multi-Agent in Improving Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Jubair M.A.
Alabdullah A.I.M.
Mostafa S.A.
Mustapha A.
Hassan M.H.
Gunasekaran S.S.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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We are experiencing a rapid evolution and advancement of technologies that are capable of supporting the formulation and implementation of robust and adaptive network architectures designed for mobile and dynamic environments. An example of such technologies is the Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET), which supports self-organizing multi-hop heterogeneous network routing services and organization. The importance of such technologies for the future of DoD networking is evident, particularly in the front edge of the battlespace where there is a need for robust and self-organizing network. Another area of such technological advancement is the Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), which are capable of supporting both team-based and independent problem solving in many different environments. These two technologies have been extensively explored, but their combination is largely unexplored. Consequently, this paper aims to investigate the joint operation of agents and multi-agent in the MANET environment. The paper also discusses the research efforts that have been made to optimally improve the technologies. � 2021 IEEE.
Heterogeneous networks; Mobile ad hoc networks; Mobile agents; Mobile telecommunication systems; Network architecture; Adaptive networks; Agent systems; Dynamic environments; Mobile ad-hoc networks; Mobile environments; Multi agent; Multi-hops; Robust network; Routing services; Self-organising; Multi agent systems