Numerical investigation of flow over diamond and v-shape bodies

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Abdunnuur Mohd Salleh
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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is undergoing significant expansion in terms of both the number of courses offered at universities and the number of researchers active in the field. Yet, it is increasingly used in industry. GAMBIT (grid generation) & FLUENT (flow simulation) are amongst the most used CFD software. To perform numerical investigation over diamond-shape bodies at varying corner angles, GAMBIT and FLUENT have been used. The investigation also used several turbulence models for comparison. To obtain an approximate solution numerically, a discretization method which approximates the differential equations by a system of algebraic equations, which can then be solved on a computer, has been used. The same has been done with a V- shape body with varying corner edges. In this paper, FLUENT is used to solve external turbulent flow (R, 1.0 x 10") over "v" and "diamond" shape bodies. The governing equation is a RANS equation with Standard k-ɛ (SKE) turbulence model with two other variants; Renormalized Group (RNG) k-e, and Realizable k-ɛ (RKE) models. RKE appears to be the best model at predicting the size of separation bubble exactly. The structured meshing techniques are used for the convergence acceleration.
TA357.5.T87 A22 2009
Turbulence , Fluid dynamics