Mobile Application Development For Energy Monitoring System And Control

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Stephanie a/p Savael
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Energy usage in most electric appliances is very vital as the electricity rate is increasing from day to day and it is very significant to save the energy. An action should be taken concerning the energy conservation which always make available response to the user. This thesis hearsays the mobile application development for energy monitoring system and control. The developed system have a flawless rate in getting the precise consumption while testing the hardware in this project. Besides that the user be able to use this device to study the real time voltage and current usage from any electric appliance henceforth it deliver the chances to change and also to discovery the method on how to decrease their monthly bill and to save energy as well. The main device used in this project was Emon-Pi. We use this hardware to gather real-time information or energy data which the electric appliance and then the data will be passed to the cloud. From there the data is viewed in mobile application which display the real time energy reading of the appliance. The results of responses from the user affords a corresponding which shows the system created is virtuous and useful.