A Wifi Based Geiger Counter with ESP32 Devkit VI Wifi...

dc.contributor.authorMugiylan A/L Subramaniamen_US
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT This thesis explains my first experience in an undergraduate venture, the final report and the results. I initially concentrated on creating a low-cost sensor that can detect only radiation in accordance with our project name. It doesn't take much to produce one of these sensors and is a very popular nuclear science undertaking that can be designed at a relatively small price. The Geiger counter with ESP32 Wi-Fi Development Board and Touch Screen with Arduino TFT LCD Screen Shield with SD Card Slot is an incredibly helpful and cost-effective method of radiation detection. While the Geiger counter tube can identify radiation existence and intensity only, all that is required often. The first objective of this project was installing the SBM-21 Geiger tube for a better sensitivity. Next would be installing the ESP32 Wi-Fi Development Board chip for data transferring. The third objective would be the 2.4 LCD Touch Screen for a better feature. For constructing this project, firstly, the circuit was designed on KiCad and printed on glossy paper for transmission. The reason why PCBs in KiCad were intended was because they are user-friendly and because move the schemes to a real copper panel is comparatively easy. Next, solder method is used to assemble the electronics. Once done with the electronic components soldering, the Geiger tube were then added on to the PCB board. The entire Geiger counter system was checked so that it works before installing the PCB in the situation. The Geiger counter then has been turned on and brought the Geiger counter near to the walls to detect the radiation. Finally, this project works as predicted. Geiger counter information acquired were transmitted to a PC using the UART protocol. The fresh read-out layout is also covered in this document for the calibration processes conducted with the Geiger counter. The layout results were likened to the current commercial radiation measurement schemes, and were discovered to be similar to commercial off-shelf tools. Inen_US
dc.subjectgeiger counter , LCD Screen display . ESP32en_US
dc.titleA Wifi Based Geiger Counter with ESP32 Devkit VI Wifi...en_US