Optimized energy saving light control for intelligent homes

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Nadhrah Hayati Binti Mohd Sebri
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The waste of elctricity usage by consumers in residency level has always become the main concern for authorities, including those who are in electrical and electronics business. To give insights to the solution towards the optimization, this project comes out with its main objective in creating a smart lighting system that has the ability to optimize energy saving light control. Intelligent home that provides smart control for lighting system is able to give optimization in energy saving with the correct approaches. This project will provide the realization of the system by developing the prototype with the approaches of predicted timing operation for the LED lamp, auto-brightness and graphic user interface (GUI) in the lighting system. The designed system is implemented in small scale prototype that uses DC power supply and is developed into circuitry by components of choice and execution of coding via Arduino. The target individuals for the designed system are residents whose behaviours on electrical appliances are being paid attention to prior to system development.
Electric lighting - Control , Energy conservation