Transformerless DC traction power conversion system design for light-rail-transit (LRT)

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Chua T.Z.Y.
Ong Y.T.
Toh C.L.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Malaysia Light Rail Transit (LRT) traction network is fed by 750 V DC system. A rectifier transformer (zigzag transformer) and a twelve-pulse traction rectifier are the main equipment to step down and rectify the AC power. In order to eliminate the bulky rectifier transformer in the conventional design, this paper presents a feasibility study on a two-stage power conversion system using purely power electronics converters. The proposed system consists of a six-pulse controlled rectifier, low-pass filter and a buck converter. The six-pulse controlled rectifier will step down and rectify the 33 kV AC grid. The generated DC voltage will be filtered and fine-tuned to reach the desired DC voltage level using a 2 kHz buck converter. The design of the proposed system will be fully discussed and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation results with full analysis are enclosed. � 2017 IEEE.
DC-DC converters; Electric rectifiers; Energy conversion; Low pass filters; MATLAB; Rectifying circuits; Urban transportation; Buck converters; Controlled rectifier; Conventional design; Light rail transit (LRT); Power conversion systems; Power electronics converters; Rectifier transformers; Traction power; Light rail transit