Development Of an Intelligent Controller For Power Quality Enhancement Of Microgrid

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Logintheeran A/L Balakrishnan
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Microgrids are the main and currently trending way of generating supply across the industry. Since the microgrid consists of supply generation from renewable energy sources which is the best way since it is eco-friendly way and produces almost no pollution to the environment. The biggest problem in the industry is the harmonics and distortions caused by the power electronic devices which are connected in the microgrid. The inspiration of conducting this project was about the effects of the distortions and harmonics on the microgrid and also the equipments. This harmonics can cause serious problems to machines connected to the load which receives the power supply and also the equipments connected in the grid system which may result in the loss of assets. There are many ways in which this problem was handled, among the ways are such as using STATCOM devices and PID controllers to mitigate the harmonics. However, with the current new technology developed in the industry, there are more ways in which harmonics can be dealt with. With regards to that, in this thesis (Fuzzy Logic Algorithm) will be used to develop an intelligent controller to mitigate the harmonics and distortions in a microgrid. The fuzzy logic algorithm will be able to detect the inputs and understand it and also be able to intelligently come up with the solutions by itself. It is also known as a Artificial Intelligence technology. There are a few reasons to using this technology which improves on the efficiency of process and the results. Fuzzy logic controllers can give a more precise results and previously controllers used were only able to mitigate harmonics by a certain level, in which the fuzzy logic controller will be able to increase the efficiency of the process. It is proven that fuzzy logic controllers have shown better level of performance than any other controllers. vi
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Development Of An Intelligent Controller For Power Quality Enhancement Of Microgrid