Numerical simulation of thermal performance

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Muhammad Jazrul Nun Hafez Bin Jazli
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This project discusses on the utilization of a filler named solid glass microsphere (SGM) to modify the mechanical properties of epoxy. In this experiment, seven ratios of epoxy/SGM were prepared to be able to identify the best ratio combination for the best mechanical properties that can be obtained. Hence, to obtain the objectives, three testing which are tensile test, hardness test and impact test were done to identify the mechanical properties of the composite. Using hand layup technique, the composite specimens of (0,10,20,30,40,50,60) wt% epoxy/SGM composite were fabricated and cured in two type of cast according to the standards. The impact of SGM proportion to the epoxy resin was analyzed in the experimentation. The best ratio combination for the composite is discovered in this thesis. The data and results for composite specimens for (0,10,20,30,40,50,60) wt% epoxy/SGM composite are presented in this thesis. This thesis also included the fabrication method and measurements that are needed to fabricate and test the epoxy/SGM composite. The characterization and effect of adding the filler are discussed. All the tests were conducted in College of Engineering BL lab for material. All the information is important and very useful to compare and study the impact of SGM to epoxy resin for further enhancement of mechanical properties and characteristics for the composite. The final product can be used for insulation and dielectric conductive materials.
microchannel heat sink , NANOFLUID , Simulation