A compact ultra wideband antenna with WLAN (IEEE 802.11a) band rejection

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Jalil Y.E.
Chakrabarty C.K.
Kasi B.
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The problem of interference between ultra-wideband (UWB) system and other narrow band systems has been a major concern for a long time. This paper presents a compact UWB antenna that shows desirable band-notch and gain characteristics. The proposed antenna consists of an octagon-shaped patch with a truncated ground plane that is fed by a 50? microstrip line. The frequency notch characteristic is obtained by inserting two C-shape slots on the radiating patch. The proposed antenna is successfully designed and simulated showing good impedance matching and reasonable radiation patterns over a bandwidth of 2.8 to 11 GHz. Furthermore, the proposed antenna has a compact size of 26 � 32 mm2 while exhibiting the band rejection performance in the frequency band of 5.15 to 5.85 GHz. � 2012 IEEE.
frequency-notched , microstrip antenna , ultra wideband (UWB) , Antenna feeders , Antennas , Broadband networks , Directional patterns (antenna) , Frequency bands , Microstrip antennas , Standards , Band rejection , frequency-notched , Gain characteristic , Narrowband systems , Radiating patches , Truncated ground plane , Ultra wide-band antennas , Ultrawideband systems , Ultra-wideband (UWB)