Design and Fabrication of An Improvised Solar Water Heater

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Darvin Maniam
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The world will see immense changes in the next 30 years than it has ever seen for the past 300 years. The population is vastly growing all around the world in developed countries, developing countries and underdeveloped countries. When there is a growing population, there is urbanization and the is a growing need for electricity for basic needs. With the current situation of depleting sources of fossil fuels to supply electricity, renewable energy or “clean” energy might be the solution for an electricity source. Solar water heater solves a few problems that might not even require electricity to do so. Various working mechanisms of solar water heater systems were researched studied and were explored which lead to designing a new solar water heater using Solidworks software. This design is assumed to project an enhanced performance when compared to the existing design if implemented. The prototype is developed using different materials compared to existing solar water by Mangesh.A.Pachkawade et all and overall cost analysis of the prototype was done in this thesis.
FYP 2 SEM 1 2019 / 2020
solar , water , heater