Intelligent System for Sizing Energy Storage System in Microgrid Applications

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Kartiga a/p Ganesh Morthy
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Recently, energy storage system has significantly drawn a huge publicity. Consequently, a huge amount of research has therefore been commenced to create efficient energy storage system in microgrid application to respond growing electricity demand. Energy storage systems are important to the operation of power systems. We maintain continuity of energy supply and increase the efficiency of the grid. Energy storage devices can be used in many shapes and sizes. The size, cost and scalability of an energy storage system depends heavily on the shape of the energy stored. One of the most important issues during the implementation of battery energy storage is by determining the size of the battery in order to improvise the technical and the total cost of the battery energy storage system. Countless studies were carried out using a variety of criteria and methods to optimize size of battery for different renewable energy systems. It is possible to design the battery energy storage system to be improved by an intelligent controller (Fuzzy Logic Controller). The intelligent controller can determine the charging and discharging state of the battery by controlling the power and state of charge of the battery. Therefore, to solve the sizing of energy storage system we need to apply the method of using an intelligent controller which is Fuzzy Logic Controller.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Sizing , Energy Storage system , microgrid