Design and development of mechanical water wave..

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Muhammed Hariz Ajan Bin Khairul John Ajan
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On this project that is a part of a system, the energy generated from a speed humps is then converted and boosted to a certain degree which is preferably at a 150% rate which shall be in a form of wave energy after it is translated through a wave motion that is indefinite in magnitude and direction as per the speed hump that moves linearly. Prior to the system, which shall be a part of this thesis, the energy by the speed hump shall energize a battery which shall power a linear actuator. The linear actuator will then move in a linear motion that is translated below a 500mm datum with the help of pulleys and cables as well as springs to move in a linear motion below the actuator’s datum. The linear motion of the springs shall be translated and put unto a plane wall which will redirect a force from four springs unto a single wall that will ensure the creation of waves that are constant as the speed of the actuator and the wall travelling is constant. In turn, the wave height, speed and wave length as well as its frequency shall be recorded and gathered as data as to how much the wave propagator can generate so the turbines that can be found on the market with its rated efficiency can be derived and result an inference. In order to see the feasibility of this project that has multiple components that has its own unilateral breaking point, a CAD software is needed to produce a 3D model as well as a CFD software to figure out its waves’ property to get a generalization of the working mechanics. The design was then put under different components to test its breaking point as well as to gather its factor of safety. Lastly, a cost analysis was done to see whether the designed product can be utilized in cost savings as well as return on investment. The initial investment shall be around the cost of MYR 1,533.72 and the breakeven point of this project shall be at its 20th year of running and a net profit of MYR 762.30 at the 30th year but with the smallest almost close to a non-existing carbon footprint as it does not emit any smoke or harmful particles besides during its parts production period.
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