Enegy Integrated System In Vehicle Using Photovoltaic System And Fuel Cell Technology

dc.contributor.authorMuhammad Aidil Bin Kamaruzamanen_US
dc.descriptionFYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020en_US
dc.description.abstractTransportation sector contributes the most pollutant emissions to the atmosphere. Pollution emits by the vehicle is mainly comes from petrol and diesel oil. The use of renewable energy is required in order to reduce this pollutant emissions. Thus, this project aims to design an electric vehicle which able to utilize the renewable energy sources and mitigate this pollutant emissions. This thesis deals with energy integrated system between photovoltaic and fuel cell in electric vehicle. The purpose is to investigate the ability for photovoltaic and fuel cell to produce output voltage that able to start the electric motor in vehicle. Maximum power point tracker is used in both photovoltaic circuit and fuel cell circuit in order to fully utilize the power from the sources. The simulation for the system is done in MATLAB/Simulink. Both circuits are developed separately in order to analyze the charging and discharging patterns. When both circuits combined, switch is used as a medium to determine which sources will function at that time. The output voltages are analyzed and compared in order to satisfy with real-time situation for electric vehicle.en_US
dc.titleEnegy Integrated System In Vehicle Using Photovoltaic System And Fuel Cell Technologyen_US