Perspectives in biopolymer/graphene-based composite application: Advances, challenges, and recommendations

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Asim N.
Su'Ait M.S.
Badiei M.
Mohammad M.
Akhtaruzzaman M.
Rajabi A.
Amin N.
Ghazali M.J.
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De Gruyter Open Ltd
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Graphene-based materials are widely applied due to their interesting physical and chemical properties, but their hydrophobic surface and toxicity to living creatures limit their application in some fields. Biopolymers are incorporated with graphene-based materials to overcome these issues and improve their biodegradability, biocompatibility, and ecological friendliness, and the synergetic effect enhances other properties as well. These properties make graphene-based materials a novel subject of interest in science and industry. In this study, the various applications of developed biopolymer/graphene-based composites are broadly addressed, and recent progress in the field is emphasized. Modification, stability, and compatibility are among the key merits for developing highly advanced composites with desirable properties. The major challenges and some recommendations in various applications based on reviewed studies are covered. However, the development of environmentally friendly, low-cost, high-quality, and large-scale biopolymer/graphene-based composites for specified applications is challenging. Studies based on application and trend are conducted. Opportunities and limitations can guide researchers in the field to solve challenges, provide directions for future studies, and optimize sustainable biopolymer/graphene-based composites for specified industrial applications. � 2022 Nilofar Asim et al., published by De Gruyter.
Biocompatibility; Biodegradability; Biomolecules; Biopolymers; Hydrophobicity; Surface chemistry; Biopolymer; Composite applications; Graphene-based composites; Hydrophobic surfaces; Living creatures; Modification; Other properties; Physical and chemical properties; Property; Synergetic effect; Graphene