The effect of chemical treatment on mechanical and morphological properties of polyurethanes-kenaf fiber composite

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Muhammad Mubin Muhamad Zahidi
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This thesis mainly focuses on the effect of chemical treatment on morphological and mechanical properties of polyurethane (PU) - kenaf fiber composite. PU and kenaf fiber has a broad scope for numerous applications which includes both domestic and industrial purposes. The uses of PU and kenaf fiber has been identified and the possibilities of kenaf fiber reinforced PU with great impact strength has been discussed. This thesis also covers the chemical treatment to improve adhesiveness of kenaf fiber and also the different samples which are pure PU, PU and kenaf fiber without chemical treatment, and PU and kenaf fiber with chemical treatment. The casting method was chosen for sample preparation in this project. The casting method was used to prepare the composites samples mechanical test was conducted to evaluate the impact strength and hardness of the sample. Morphological studies on the fractured samples were studied using scanning electron microscope (SEM). It was found that the chemical treatment on the kenaf fiber has improved the impact strength and hardness of the PU and kenaf fiber composites. This results was supported by the SEM studies.
TA418.9 .C6 M83 2017
Composite materials