Design And Implementation Of A Portable Signal Analyzer For Residence Low Voltage (LV)

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Hariz Bin Azmi
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Ongoing technological improvement, power quality of supply has become importance aspect need to be concern in domestic usage or industrial development. Study shows that power quality are developing from instant data become constant monitoring measurement. Portable signal analyzer for low voltage are being explored and investigated in this paper research project. The prototype monitor voltage, frequency, and harmonic order. Main objective are to implement and design the hardware of portable signal analyzer. It also to develop a software for analyzing data and displayed the waveform. The portable signal analyzer are capture data value of voltage at source point and compute inside mainboard. The analysis was compute by using Fourier series equation. From the equation algorithm, it produce the data of harmonic order starting fundamental until desire order. All the value can be plotted into waveform. After data has been processed, it send to smartphone. The Bluetooth connection are used between prototype and smartphone. All required information are being displayed continuous and refresh the data every one seconds. The outcome from this is, prototype able to be implement and acquire necessary voltage value, then compute until produce harmonic data analysis. From this project, it’s discovered that low voltage still producing harmonic in domestic usage. The prototype able to shows harmonic result in low voltage, compared with high ends signal analyzer which can detect harmonic in three phase power line.
Signal Analzyer , Low Voltage , Harmonic