Peltier cooler design improvement

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Soon Pei Geng
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Today, global temperature is getting hotter and the quality of life is also getting better, so the demand of air-cooling device is increasing. To solve the global warming problem, one of the solutions is energy saving. A common air-cooling device that Malaysian choose is air-conditioner, but an air-conditioner need large amount of power input and it also use chemical liquid as refrigerant, so it is not really environment friendly. Evaporative air cooler is also a device can cool down the air, it is more economic and environment friendly. The bad thing about the evaporative air cooler is the cooling performance will be affected by surrounding air humidity, and the air humidity in Malaysia is consider high, so an evaporative air cooler may not suitable in Malaysia. An evaporative air cooler use in Malaysia need improvement to be more efficient, one of the improvements for evaporative air cooler is add another cooling device to cool down the water use for evaporative air cooler. Peltier cooler is a thermoelectric device that can convert an electricity input to generate heat and absorb heat. The outputs of the trial prove the cooling performance of an evaporative air cooler by showing the result of cooling efficiency of an evaporative air cooler improved when working together with a Peltier cooler.
Peltier Design Improvement