Modelling of partial discharge pulses in high voltage cable insulation using finite element analysis software

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Illias H.A.
Yon H.R.
Bakar A.H.A.
Mokhlis H.
Chen G.
Lewin P.L.
Ariffin A.M.
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Measurement of partial discharge (PD) in high voltage equipment is widely used in condition assessment and performance maintenance of the insulation system. One of the methods to evaluate PD data from condition monitoring activities is by analysing PD signals captured from the PD detection equipment. In high voltage power cable, PD pulses originated from defect sites within cable insulation can propagate along the insulation. A better understanding of PD pulse propagation along cable insulation can be attained through simulation work. Therefore, in this paper, the propagation of PD pulses within cable insulation was simulated using finite element analysis (FEA) software and its velocity of propagation was calculated. The result was compared with the theoretical value and simulation results using PSCAD software. The effect of cable insulation parameters on the PD pulse propagation was also studied through the FEA model; these include variation of the permittivity and conductivity of the insulation material. � 2013 IEEE.
Condition monitoring , Electricity , Finite element method , Insulating materials , Partial discharges , Condition assessments , Finite element analysis software , High voltage cable insulation , High voltage power cables , High-voltage equipments , Monitoring activities , Partial discharge pulse , Performance maintenance , Cables