The effects of used cooking oil as admixture in concrete

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Ainul Bahiah Mohd Khidzir
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According to National Statistics Approximately 1.35 billion gallons of used oil are generated yearly. With the increasing of the concrete usage, a more cost effective and economic new type of admixtures may give positive impacts on the Malaysian construction building as well as worldwide concrete usage. Therefore, this project focus on the effects of used cooking oil as admixture in concrete. Admixture is an ingredient added into concrete before or during the concrete mixing to improve or modify the concrete properties. Used cooking oil is used to replace the commercially available admixtures. Lots of researches have been done and results show that used cooking oil has the potential to be used as admixture in concrete. The objectives of this research project are to determine effects of UCO towards ITZ and air void of concrete samples. Also, to investigate the effects of used cooking oil as admixture in concrete in terms of its flexural capacity. Concrete of 0% used cooking oil, 1.5% used cooking oil and 2.0% used cooking oil were cast. Three beams of 100mm x100mm x 500mm were cast for each different sample. After 28 days, Flexural Strength Test and SEM Analysis Test were conducted. Used cooking oil has increase the flexural strength from 1.8Mpa to 2.01 MPa. The reliability of the results was proved and convinced using the SEM Analysis Test. The positive results show that used cooking oil can replace the commercially available admixture.
TA439.A46 2012
Concrete , Oils and fats