Systematic Review of Common Factors Used to Measure Individuals� Career Choice

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Azman F.
Abdul Ghapar A.
Ahmad Faudzi M.
Baskaran H.
Rahim F.A.
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Many individuals are faced with the challenge of a career choice that is appropriate for them. This is due to the fact that decisions are made up of a variety of subjective judgments. As a result, selecting a career path without first assessing an individual�s suitability as a foundational step can result in an unfavorable outcome. This paper aims to investigate and summarize the evidence of common factors used in the domain of career guidance. This study adapts Systematic Literature Review (SLR) techniques by utilizing research questions and Boolean search strings to identify prospective studies from three established databases that are related to the research area. In this study, 28 articles, consisting of 17 journals and 11 conference proceedings, were selected through a systematic process. All articles underwent a rigorous selection protocol to ensure content quality according to formulated research questions. We categorize and document the common factors in career selection which can benefit in the development of a career decision-making system that helps individuals visualize their future career path. � 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
Decision making; Career guidance; Career paths; Career selection; Common factors; Decision supports; Prospective study; Research questions; Subjective judgement; Systematic literature review; Systematic Review; Decision support systems