Effect of DG types and penetration level in transmission system using hybrid optimization technique for loss control

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Shaaya S.A.
Musirin I.
Sulaiman S.I.
Mansor M.H.
Mustaffa S.A.S.
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World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering
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Loss in power system is a significant issue as it effects power system quality of service. Distributed Generation (DG) installation in power system is one of loss compensation of choice.DG installation in terms of DG type, size and location must be properly planned to avoid over-compensation or undercompensation. This paper analyses the impact of installing different DG types and their penetration level to control transmission power system loss. Ahybrid optimization techniqueknown as Immunized-Brainstorm-Evolutionary Programming (IBSEP) was used to determine the optimal DG sizes and location. It is important to examine the effect of installingdifferent DG typesso that related authoritiesare informed on the worthinessof the approach. Comprehensive results are embedded in this paper to demonstrate the effect of installing different DG types in transmission system towards system loss which would be beneficial to the power system operators.The results show that DGs with real power is better at minimizing the system loss. The lossis further reduced as the DG penetration level increases. � 2020, World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering. All rights reserved.