Investigation Of Banana Peels Application For Heavy Metals Removal From Contaminated Water

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Mosab M. A. Shaban
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Natural squanders organic Wastes like banana peels offer an achievable and practical ways to deal with oust poisonous or substantial metals and ties the unsafe heavy metals and expel them from the water. It can be used in order to replace the chemical composition to treat water contaminations. For instance, environmental pollution from dumping area is a challenging issue for maintaining the quality and hygiene of water due to the leachates which contains a countless number of toxins that pours into fresh waterways. This research aimed to study the effectiveness of Banana peels to remove heavy metals from Contaminated Water. Also, the discharges of domestic wastewater and industrial effluents into lakes, rivers, oceans and seas represent a significant potential environment threat to bio life and human health. The methodology of the researcher is going to use is the various methodologies that have been experimented in order to improve more viable strategies for treating water contamination using natural resources. The Adsorption process is found to be one of the most secure and safe strategy for contaminants coagulation and metal expulsion. Banana peels which are abundant available discarded fruit waste can be used for the treatment of water contaminations after having them washed, dried and grounded into powder. However, it is found that the banana peels have a high impact on decreasing water pH, clearing turbidity to a high extent and removing heavy metals, like copper and aluminium, from contaminated water.
FYP Sem 2 2019/2020
Banana Peel , Heavy Metals