Mechanical properaties and in vitro apatite..

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Muhamad Hafiz Bin Abd Rasid@ Abd Rashid
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This research investigates the mechanical properties of the wollastonite powder doped with Aluminium Oxide and Cerium(V) Oxide for six different weight percentage composition. The composition of wollastonite composite is present by wt% of Aluminium Oxide/ wt% of Wollastonite/ wt% of Cerium(V) Oxide, which are the six composition are 10/50/40, 20/50/30, 30/50/20, 25/50/25, 15/50/35 and 0/100/0 respectively. Basically, the scope of this research is focusing on the effect of 1 hour holding time for sintering process on Wollastonite base composite mechanical and micro structural of itself. The data from few experiments such as Density, Vickers Hardness and SEM observation will be collected to verify the objectives. Rationally, this research has potential to be developed due to the potential of Wollastonite on bio ceramic characteristic in order to replace Titanium as a recent material in bone implant application. Some of the benefit to replace the Titanium to Wollastonite is cost of the Wollastonite itself, cheaper than Titanium. In order to achieve these project objectives, few methods under mechanical properties and micro structural have been used. Density test, Hardness test and Compressive Strength used to verify either the holding time used is enough to completely turn the compact Wollastonite base composite powder to solid mass of Wollastonite base composite. The Sem observation used to verify the grain boundaries and the loss of pores space after the sintering process. Longevity experiment will achieve the objective to check the lifespan either it longer than Titanium lifespan which is 10 years. From the result achieved, Wollastonite base composite completely can turn into solid mass after 1 hour of holding time during sintering process for temperature 1230 °C to 1270 °C. The best mechanical properties and micro structural is composition number 3 30% Aluminium Oxide/ 50% Wollastonite/ 20% Cerium(V) Oxide at 1250 °C.
wollastonite , bone implant application , biomaterial