Development of kenaf reinforced polyurethane (Thermoset) base gross arm material

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Muhammad Syameel Izzad Ahmad Izzuddin
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Nowadays material selection of machines, structures and other things that related to engineering field is very much important. The main purpose of this project is to carry out some research about material of cross arm on transmission tower. This project also should come out with a new composite for the cross arm with a best composition of thermoset polyurethane and kenaf fiber. The characteristics that distinguish between the new composites material also take into a count. Based on the problems experience by the existing cross arm, which is service life of the cross arm itself is introduced in this project and the samples all have been prepared and undergo some characterization to decide which composition is the best. There are four samples that have been prepared with different fiber content and those four samples will undergo four different experiments, which are bending test, flammability test, water absorption test and scanning electron microscopy test. The samples were tested for bending test to obtain the maximum flexural test using three point bending test. Water absorption test was used to determine the percentage of water absorbed using scale weight, beaker and water. Apart from that, impact test was conducted to determine the impact strength of the samples using Charpy Impact Test. Lastly, flammability test was conducted to determine the duration of the samples to catch fire.
TA418.9 .C6 M83 2017
Composite materials