Industrial Training Kit for Education

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Ahmad Syahmi Naqiuddin Mohamad
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The paper presents an innovative way to promote formal education particularly of the industrial automation programming of PLC revolving around particularly two (2) software that were mainly utilized that is CODESYS and FACTORY I/O involving the technology of the capabilities of virtual PLC and graphical simulation environment aid. Discussing the possible factors that would lead the presented methodology being a much more beneficial approach in formal education of the particular topic in discussion. CODESYS is the acting software or IDE for designing the algorithm of the automation process where FACTORY I/O is acting as the software for any 3-D graphical simulation aid to realise the written process for visualization purposes. Followed by a discussion session to suggest implementation of the presented methodology to the existing current course syllabus in the institute. Manifesting both implementation and implication of efforts to expose individuals that adapted the technology savvy or technology hungry lifestyle in age of innovation of technologies to the industrial automation sector utilizing the means of which compromises of implementation of available computer aid technologies to enhance the integrity of the enrolled course and ensuring that the syllabus content is up to date with concurrent technological advancements for producing graduates that remain relevant to the latest inventions and not be obsolete
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Graphical Simulation , Industrial Automation Education , CODESYS