Assessment of Sedimentation Problem in Kenyir Hydropower Reservoir

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Chow M.F.
Subbramaniam P.
Sidek L.M.
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Sedimentation issue is becoming an emerging challenge in hydropower dam due to land use changes and frequent heavy storm in the recent decades. This study carried out an assessment on sedimentation problem in Kenyir hydropower reservoir in Malaysia based on hydrological, land use, topographic, soil erosion and dam capacity data. The results showed that the average live storage for Kenyir reservoir could be sustained at least for another 6774 years while dead storage can survive more than 5675 years. The number of year required for Kenyir reservoir to be fully deposited with sediment will be shorten to 3784 years for dead storage if 50% reduction in forest coverage. A more comprehensive monitoring program is recommended to be implemented in Kenyir reservoir catchment so that the results can be used confidently in future flow and sediment load predictions. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Catchments; Digital storage; Hydroelectric power; Hydroelectric power plants; Land use; Sedimentation; Capacity data; Comprehensive monitoring; Heavy storms; Hydropower reservoirs; Land-use change; Reservoir catchments; Sediment loads; Soil erosion; Reservoirs (water)