Lighting Systems Designed for Energy Savings in Buildings (LSD-ESB): A Review

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Al-Ghaili A.M.
Kasim H.
Hassan Z.
Jorgensen B.N.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Recently, lighting systems (LSs) have received much attention due to their importance in energy savings in buildings. There are different types of lighting systems designed (LSD) to save energy in buildings. Those systems have produced different energy savings rate(s) depending on the design's accuracy, parameters and factors considered during design, and the real scenario (i.e., building) for which the system is designed. All these factors play important roles in enhancing energy saving performance. Therefore, this review paper aims to compose a group of akin types of systems (ToSs) achieving a high level of 'energy savings' rate when applied to a certain type of building (ToB). This paper has considered different ToS and ToBs. Due to the huge number of LSs applied to different ToBs, therefore cited papers from literature review are determined by two conditions, which are: selected papers are within the period of last twenty years and published by five well known publishers which are: Elsevier, IEEE, MDPI, Emerald, and ACM. � 2020 IEEE.
Buildings; Lighting; Lighting fixtures; Systems analysis; Cited papers; Elsevier; In-buildings; Lighting systems; Literature reviews; Review papers; Save energy; Energy conservation