CFD investigation of aerodynamics swirl flow in square

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Muhammad Zulfaqqar Bin Mohd Zakiuddin
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ABSTRACT The thesis presents the CFD investigation of aerodynamic swirl flow inside the square furnace model to study the inherent temperature and velocity deviation issues related to tangential firing boiler. The study focuses on the main combustion region and neglects the rear furnace pass. Temperature distribution, flow characteristics and the swirl intensity at several elevations of the square boiler are analyzed in detail. The behavior of residual swirl and the swirl strength in the symmetrical pass is the main objective of this project. The numerical simulation was conducted using ANSYS FLUENT 14.5. Three cases are simulated which are test case for non-combustion and combustion of methane, different natural gas case for combustion of (ethane, hydrogen and fuel oil) and swirl intensity case represented by a parameter called swirl number. The results from test case shows the highest temperature recorded at the burner region and temperature decreases in the furnace as the heat is absorbed by the furnace wall. The velocity vector diagrams indicate that highest swirl is resulted at the middle part of the burner region. For different natural gas case, the combustion of hydrogen gas has a greater in temperature, the velocity magnitude and velocity for x, y, z-direction result than other gases. The velocity decreases as the height along the boiler increases. The swirl is enlarged as it flows toward the boiler exit can be proven as the higher velocity develop near to the wall. The swirl intensity case shows the strongest swirl found at the middle part of burner region before gradually decreases in the furnace region which control by tangential velocity. No presence of imbalanced in temperature and velocity spotted in the square boiler until the outlet.
Interim Semester 2020 / 2021
Computational Fluid Dynamic , Square Furnace , Natural Gas