Software Project Management Using Machine Learning Technique - A Review

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Hazil M.Z.M.
Mahdi M.N.
Mohd Azmi M.S.
Cheng L.K.
Yusof A.
Ahmad A.R.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Project management planning assessment is of great significance in project performance activities. The creation of project management cannot be effectively handled without a practical and rational strategy. This paper offers a large-scale review analysis of articles based on machine learning and risk evaluation management for software projects. The reviews are presented and classified into two groups. The first group covers project management analysis and survey articles. The second group contains works on the steps and experimental criteria that are widely used in the management of machine learning projects. The paper provides a deeper insight and an important framework for future work in the project risk assessment, highlights the estimation of project risk using machine-learning is more efficient in reducing the project's fault and provides a further way to reduce the probability chances effectively and to increase the software development performance ratio. � 2020 IEEE.
Machine learning; Risk assessment; Risk perception; Software design; Development performance; Machine learning techniques; Management analysis; Management planning; Project performance; Project risk assessment; Software project; Software project management; Project management