Public perception of first nuclear power plant in Malaysia

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Nur Syamim Mohd Shukri
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Malaysian government's aim to include nuclear energy for electricity generation has triggered various reactions from all especially the public. The objective of this study is to have a better understanding on the knowledge, sources of information of nuclear power and sources of energy chosen by Malaysian in 20 years' time. Besides that, we want to examine the level of acceptance and perception of Malaysian towards nuclear energy and we want to identify the correlation between public perceptions with the acceptance towards nuclear power in Malaysia, and also to study the differences between perception and acceptance of nuclear power with gender and educational level. For this research methodology, the research questions are given orally or through paper-pencil and also social networking site such as Facebook or through electronic media application such as WhatsApp and Google docs. The data were analysed using a SPSS version 22.0 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). Results showed that more than 50% of the respondents have the knowledge of nuclear energy and 82.9 % respondents chose solar energy, 76.4 % chose hydro power and 52.2 % chose nuclear energy for three sources that will be used in 20 years' time. Meanwhile, about 48 % of the respondents feel that they are not given enough information about nuclear power and 43 % think that social media is the most preferable medium to spread information about nuclear energy. A part of from that, it can be seen that 93.6 % still have negative perception about nuclear power and 65% still rejecting this government's plan to implement NPP in Malaysia. From analysis using SPSS 22 we can see that negative perception will give a negative acceptance in term of support towards the use of nuclear energy in power generation in Malaysia. We can also conclude that the higher the level of education of Malaysian, the more negative the perception of Malaysian in accepting nuclear energy as source of power in Malaysia. Therefore in shaping a positive acceptance of NPP in Malaysia, the authorities need to educate the people with the knowledge of nuclear in order to overcome the negative perception towards nuclear power.
TK1078.S92 2015
Nuclear power plants