Investigation on engineering behaviour of polluted concrete based on non-destructive test

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Logeswary Nadarajan
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Portland cement is the main source in concrete manufacturing. Fine aggregates and coarse aggregates contributes to the concrete mix design with required proportion. The purpose of the research work is to optimize the concrete mix design of partially replaced cement with sodium bentonite. Besides that, evaluation on mechanical properties of the concrete cubes are carried out. Raw material such as natural sand used in concrete are depleting gradually. Therefore, alternative binder are used to prevent the decrease of natural resources. Polluted sand containing heavy metals are collected from the riverside of Sg.Balak. Metal manufacturing factories discharge harmful effluent to the river without proper filtration. Residential and agricultural waste contributes to the environmental pollution that we are facing now. Concrete mix design of ideal water cement ratio, 0.65 are prepared with 10% partially replaced cement with sodium bentonite clay. The cubes are left for curing duration of 3, 7, 14, 28 and 56 days. Experimental tests namely, sieve analysis, slump test, water absorption, blaine test and pH test are accompanied to determine the basic properties of materials used in concrete. Non-destructive test of rebound hammer test carried out to determine surface hardness of concrete samples prepared for various curing duration. As the curing age increases, the average compressive strength of partially replaced cement with sodium bentonite increases. In comparison, the increase of average compressive strength of pure concrete is higher than partially replaced concrete until 28 days. Average compressive strength of slightly the same for both concrete approaching 28 days, 28.64MPa for pure concrete while 28.08MPa for 10% partially replaced cement with sodium bentonite concrete.
TA681.5.L63 2015
Concrete construction-Quality , Air-Pollution-Measurement