A Compact Frequency Notched UWB Antenna Using Parasitic

dc.contributor.authorAmirah Amnah Binti Megat Ahmad Fauzien_US
dc.description.abstractA Compact Frequency Notched UWB antenna with parasitic strips is proposed. UWB technology has gained popularity where a high data transfer rate is needed. The proposed antenna had a minimum size of 28x30x1.6 mm. It had a frequency bandwidth of 3.2GHz to 12.1GHz. The proposed antenna was fed by a microstrip feedline and consists of a rectangular radiant patch and a half ground patch. The substrate used was FR4 with permittivity is 4.4. A method is shown to reject certain bands within the UWB band using parasitic strips. WLAN is the required band that need rejected from 5.15GHz to 5.85GHz.en_US
dc.subjectUWB Antenna Notchen_US
dc.titleA Compact Frequency Notched UWB Antenna Using Parasiticen_US