Design and performance of a bidirectional isolated DC-DC converter for a battery energy storage system

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Tan N.M.L.
Abe T.
Akagi H.
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This paper describes the design and performance of a 6-kW, full-bridge, bidirectional isolated dc-dc converter using a 20-kHz transformer for a 53.2-V, 2-kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery energy storage system. The dc voltage at the high-voltage side is controlled from 305 to 355 V, as the battery voltage at the low-voltage side (LVS) varies from 50 to 59 V. The maximal efficiency of the dc-dc converter is measured to be 96.0 during battery charging, and 96.9 during battery discharging. Moreover, this paper analyzes the effect of unavoidable dc-bias currents on the magnetic-flux saturation of the transformer. Finally, it provides the dc-dc converter loss breakdown with more focus on the LVS converter. � 2011 IEEE.
Bidirectional isolated dc-dc converters , dc-bias currents , energy storage systems , lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery , DC transformers , Energy storage , HVDC power transmission , Lithium alloys , Battery energy storage systems , Battery voltages , Bidirectional isolated dc-dc converter , Converter loss , DC voltage , DC-bias current , energy storage systems , Full-bridge , High-voltages , Lithium ions , Low-voltage , DC-DC converters