Representing e-mail semantically for automated ontology building

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Beseiso M.
Ahmad A.R.
Ismail R.
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The Semantic Web represents enormous data available on the World Wide Web in a machine readable format for effective extraction of ontologies providing for effective and relevant information extraction. Research shows that an enormous amount of time is spent on E-Mails for communication and information exchange. Adding semantics to the existing e-mail systems could not only provide for efficient usage of time and resources but also refresh the meaning of e-mail communication. This paper gives future scenario in applying semantic web for E-Mail applications by proposing a new framework intended to add a semantic web layer to the mail server in order to improve the process of linking, integrating, and searching of E-Mails. Also, a new method for semantic E-Mails representation is proposed that will improve the process of ontology extraction from semantic E-Mail. � 2012 Springer-Verlag.
Ontologies , Semantic E-Mails , Semantic Web , Communication , Ontology , Semantic Web , World Wide Web , E-mail systems , Email communication , Information exchanges , Information Extraction , Machine-readable format , Mail servers , Ontology building , Ontology Extraction , Electronic mail