Analysis of the Publications on Ontology-Based Smart Grid Applications: A Bird�s Eye View

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Mahmoud M.A.
Maseleno A.
Tang A.Y.C.
Lim F.-C.
Kasim H.B.
Yong C.
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Smart grid ontology is a field of research recently viewed from the field of smart grid research as well as from the field of ontology research. The integration between smart grid and ontology is expected to enable the sharing of ontology among applications and stakeholders. By using the same language, the common problems that occur during applications interoperability will be prevented and solved. This brief paper intended to help researchers get an overview of the current smart grid ontology research in the world and also to know the connection between smart grid ontology paper publications with research attention leading to smart grid ontology. To do so, we conduct a comprehensive survey on three databases which are IEEE Xplore, Springer, and Elsevier ScienceDirect. From the survey, we obtained the number of smart grid ontology research studies, their citations, and the country. From the number of papers and their citations, it can be known which country has an interest in smart grid ontology research. From the results of this review, it was found that countries in continental Europe are the most widely issued publication about smart grid ontology. Similarly, the papers that cite largely dominated by countries in continental Europe. � 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
Electric power transmission networks; Engineering research; Interoperability; Paper; Smart power grids; Surveys; Elsevier; Ontology-based; Research studies; Smart grid; Smart grid applications; Systematic Review; Ontology