Analytical Survey on the Security Framework of Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Power System Networks

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Ali Al-Jumaili A.H.
Muniyandi R.C.
Hasan M.K.
Singh M.J.
Siaw Paw J.K.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Cyber-Physical Power System (CPPS) is one of the most critical infrastructure systems due to deep integration between power grids and communication networks. In the power system, cascading failure is spreading more readily in CPPS, even leading to blackouts as well as there are new difficulties with the power system security simulation and faults brought by physical harm or network intrusions. The current study summarized the cross- integration of several fields such as computer and cyberspace security in terms of the robustness of Cyber-Physical Systems, viewed as Interconnected and secure network systems. Therefore, the security events that significantly influenced the power system were evaluated in this study, besides the challenges and future directions of power system security simulation technologies were investigated for posing both challenges and opportunities for simulation techniques of power system security like building a new power system to accelerate the transformation of the existing energy system to a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system which is used to assure power system stability through fusion systems that combine the cyber-physical to integrate the battery power station, power generation and renewable energy resources through the internet with the cyber system that contains Smart energy system control and attacks. � 2022 IEEE.
Cybersecurity; Distributed computer systems; Electric power system interconnection; Embedded systems; Network security; Renewable energy resources; Smart power grids; System stability; Cloud-computing; Cybe-physical integrated security; Cybe-physical systems; Cyber physicals; Cyber-physical systems; Networks security; Physical power; Power; Power system; Power systems security; Cyber Physical System