Design and Development of Smart Feeder Integrated with IOT System

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Leong Ken Neth
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The Smart Feeder 2.0 is a Internet of Things (IoT) based feeding system with combination of hardware and software to be implement in both poultry farm and aquaculture. The aim is to implement a low cost automated smart feeder for aquaculture and also village chicken in poultry around Malaysia. In this project, a well knew renewable energy, solar power system act as the main power for the whole feeding system. The IOT system design to control the time of feeding food and it also shows the food remaining level with alert notification through smartphone apps when the food level is not sufficient. This project focus on the use of modern technology to manage and help feeding in aquacultural and poultry farm, which means the aquacultural and poultry farm management automation in various way. Few background study regarding Internet of Thing, IoT related to system for feeder in poultry and aquaculture industry is done. The objective is to develope smart feeder integrated with Internet of Thing and solar powered system. After the smart feeder finish protoryping, a testing and validation of integrated solar powered smart feeder system are required. In this porject, the scope of study is to design and built a smart feeder system for poultry farm and also aquacultural sector. The implementation of the smart feeder system requires software programming and hardware to built the whole system running well. This project is a IoT-based system where we can control anything by our finger tips easyly from time to time through network. The hardware use include Raspberry Pi the microcontroller, motor driver, DC motor, ultrasonic sensor, solar panel and solar charge controller. The list of hardware has their own function. Beside that the software use for Raspberry Pi is Raspbian while for the IoT part is combination of Node-Red and MQTTCloud. The node red is a well known programming tool for wiring together hardware devices. MQTTCloud used for storage of data and transfer user input to the microcontroller. The final prototype was implemented with IoT controller and it response for user input quite fast and sensitive.
FYP 2 SEM 1 2019 / 2020